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Energia iLtda

Photovoltaic systems contractors

Brazil is coming to a great moment in the development of solar photovoltaic energy (more info here).

Work with us to make this revolution happen! We are specialized in medium and small photovoltaic energy projects, in the areas in and around Sao Paulo/ Brazil.

With our team of highly qualified   professionals, including technicians from  Eletrobras, the national electricity  board, we focus on every detail of a project, including

site analysis, design, system implementation and  performance monitoring.

We aim to offer excellent service quality in the following areas:

-State-of-the-Art Energy Efficiency Technologies

-Comprehensive Evaluation and Analysis

-Renewable Energy Options/Integration, focusing on solar photovoltaic

-10 Years Experience in Energy Consultation

-Expertise in Brazilian National Grid policies and regulations

We are interested in working in partnership with foreign companies or individuals interested in developing solar energy projects, including  suppliers and researchers.

Our main office is located in Campinas,100km from Sao Paulo city. Please visit our contact page.



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